Our Mission Statement

To provide you with an HONEST effort and commitment, that will stand the test of the market, the test of time and test of our service for the most important investment of your life: YOUR HOME! This commitment is not for this today alone, but for life.


    • To provide you with a realistic valuation of your home. We want to get you the maximum possible dollars for your home.
      • We will recommend any changes and provide complimentary staging advice.
      • We will do a “Flip Evaluation” to see if by investing some money we can generate a greater return for your home.


    • We will commit to a marketing plan and sales strategy for you. One that is measureable and can be held accountable for.
      • We will use smart marketing strategies using technology as well as old school techniques such as cold calling, open houses. Whatever it takes to get you the maximum return on your investment
      • We will outline all the tasks and checklists to ensure you are kept in the loop at all times. We will also provide you with honest feedback and updates, unvarnished, the truth.


  • We need to be generate a positive revenue stream to sustain and grow our business. To ensure we are here for you today and tomorrow.
    • We are NOT the cheapest commission rate on the market. That is not our goal. We are not in the “wholesale” business. We are in the personal business of selling your home. Where you have invested life savings, been with your family and found peace in.
    • What we will do is charge you a FAIR MARKET RATE for EXCELLENT SERVICE that encompasses a sustained marketing effort, sustained level of service and a successful purchase and\or sale of your home. We will be by your side and see it to the end.


  1. Market Analysis for your current property as is
  2. Future Value once updated or renovated
  3. Financing , if required, and then building it out using our team or your team.
  4. Listing and Selling your property for maximum dollars at a very low commission rate
  5. Putting maximum dollars in your pocket

My properties have been the highest listed and sold in Brampton, Woodbridge, Mississauga and Caledon.(*)

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