About Me

My name is Minesh.  I have been dealing in real estate since I was 15 years old.  I used to help my parents flip properties.  I would help them find, renovate and stage these properties.   We were refugees  in the UK.  By the time my parents retired we had accumulated over 40 properties.

I moved to Canada in 1992 and have been buying and selling properties for myself ever since.

In 2017 I finally took the time to get my realtors license and now I am offering my services to you.

I specialize in looking for distressed properties, building them out and selling them at the highest possible price.


My properties have been the highest listed and sold in Brampton, Woodbridge, Mississauga and Caledon.(*)


I am not a typical realtor, as in, although I provide the same services as them.  I look at your property and make a proposal on what needs to be done to get the maximum price through renovations, staging and even simple things like getting permits for future builds.

I also have my own construction company to ensure the work, if necessary, is done properly and to code.  My team consists of experienced architects, construction crews and project managers to ensure we are on time, on budget and within the scope of what is affordable in the market.

I don’t just work with luxury homes, but have built out and flipped condominiums, townhouses and commercial properties too.

I am an agent with Right At Home Realty in Mississauga.

As a personality type, I am very straight forward with a “No Bullshit” attitude.  I will only promise what I can deliver.  I don’t waste time and I do deliver.  I don’t like leaving your hard earned money on the table.

Call me and see what I can do for you.  There is no obligation, well maybe a cup of coffee!


(*) At the time, in the appropriates street or locality or building